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Hi, and thanks for dropping by.

For the past almost 20 years, Naked Cyber Café has been operated in Edmonton, Alberta Canada by Robert Ligertwood.

Originally, it was one of the first “cyber cafes” and was a 24 hour establishment, with the computers occupied almost all the time.

Throughout that time, it’s always had an “underground” vibe and been a very laid-back place.  In fact, anyone has been welcome to drop by, grab a coffee and read, use the wireless or computers – or just chill.  There’s a fully-equipped stage with instruments, sound board, lights and often some very decent live local music.

I am collecting stories from the many people whose lives have been touched by Naked over the years.  There have been a LOT.

Since everyone has always been welcome in Naked Cyber Café, there has always been a mix of people including professionals, students, street kids, poets, artists and more.

The number of people I have met who originally came to the café as teenagers living on the streets – and through being treated with respect and dignity have wound up coming back to the café – grown up with a career and often with their own kids just to say hello again to Bob.

This place is a very special place, and over the years has effected many people.

My desire is to create a large group of stories by friends of the café and eventually publish it.  When Bob eventually retires I want the place to be remembered for what it was:

An example of a local “neighborhood” business with actual organic vital and lively communication and discussions around “the bar” as well as a very eclectic mix of musicians, and other artists.

David Lee
the Naked Webmaster

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